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There are several reasons to sign up for a studio account at

  • We pay out up to 60%* of all sales no additional hosting or billing expenses - all payouts for the past month are sent out around the 10th of each month.
  • You can sign up your studio and open your stores immediately no waiting and no setup fees
  • We've a state-of-the-art design and software which is more reliable, secure and comfortable than any other competitor we know
  • We provide you with the most detailed statistics and monthly reports
  • You can choose your payout method (cheque, international wire or german wire)
  • You can set your minimum payout from 150 EUR to 10.000 EUR

* All companies within the European union that provide a VAT-ID get 60% payouts including VAT (is paid net outside the Netherlands due to reverse-charge regulations), all persons, companies without VAT-ID and all companies outside the European union receive a payout out 49,59% (60% minus 21% VAT). For sales referred by affiliates the payout is 40% including VAT, respectively 33,05% exclusive VAT.

Before signing up your studio at, please make sure to follow these content guidelines:

  • NO UNDERAGE MATERIAL - all actors must be at least 18 years old
  • NO RAPE SCENES - neither acted nor real - no nonconsensual or forced sexual contact of any kind
  • NO DRUGS - no hard drugs at all - no soft drugs such as alcohol in combination with sexual contact - no intoxication - no chemically rendered unconciousness
  • NO NECROPHILIA - neither acted nor real
  • NO HORROR/SNUFF - no maiming or killing - neither acted nor real
  • NO CRUSHING OF ANIMALS - no insects, lobsters, etc.
  • NO BLOOD - there can't be any blood in your clips

If you need any help opening a store or if you've any questions please feel free to contact us by emailing to

Please provide a valid e-mail address, this email address will NOT be visible to your customers. We will send your login information to this email address.
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